Best way to attach beach cart to trailer

I want to attach a Factor Zero beach cart to my double pwc trailer. What are your favorite attachments for beach totes?

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Picked these up from a flea market last weekend for $10 Aussie ($7 USD). They are Thule ski/snowboard racks. I intend to repurpose them as a tote holder (at least the frame component, maybe with wheels/axle detached).

Initial dummy fit revealed they will not close fully on a Factory Zero tote. I have determined that the bottom rubber fitting will have to be removed and a piece of material (timber, or similar) put in its place for the tote rails to rest on. The top rubber section will will hold everything tight when closed. These will obviously work on a set of roof bars. I imagine they could act as a restraint device as part of a vertical storage arrangement.

Sorry I haven’t progressed to the stage of actually carrying out this repurposing and therefore able to give definitive feedback on its functionality. I’m just posting this up as an idea you may want to run with.


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