1990 super jet 650 gas tank filler hose


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How I look for things like your hose filler is first go to partzilla.com, then get the part number and/or description and put it into ebay.


I did that for you, and I couldn't find any filler hose for a super jet whatsoever. Unless someone else has better ideas, you may have to buy a longer filler hose which is the same diameter and has a section which is similar to the super jet hose and then cut it out and fit it.

Awesome tip bu! Thanks. I tried 2 years go to find one but never was able to. I would think there is an aftermarket solution for this hose that’s discontinued.
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Switch to internal fill is an option, too. Not cheap, and not ideal, maybe, but if you're used to in being that way in other skis (I think all A/M hulls are that way), then it'd be not a big deal, maybe.
So unfortunately mine has like 2 45 degree bends and twisted some. Hard to explain. The cracks don't all the way through. I've thought about getting some fuel resistant goop or something. Not sure what else to do. Curious what all other 90's era superjets use. The paint job is awesome on this ski so I'm trying to keep it going. IMG_0553.jpegIMG_0550.jpegIMG_0551.jpegIMG_0447.jpeg
Thanks. Yea I might have to try something like that. I thought of taking it to local auto parts and see if they can find something close. That's if I get a guy that will take the time and look.
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