08+ Steering setup

I have a stock 2019 superjet and I'm looking to get improve the ability to make quick turns, especially at low speeds. Coming from my squarenoses where I could turn on a dime, with this new ski I feel like I am constantly against the lock and still have a huge turning radius. Unless I completely move my weight to the very back corner, it doesn't really want to turn when chasing boats or just messing around.

I absolutely love the high speed handling of the ski and don't want to sacrifice that at all, if possible.

I've been looking at the Watcon RCJS steer system which replaces the turn plate with a shorter, quicker steer ratio version. This system maintains the stock more limited throw cable vs the pre 07.

Does anybody have any feedback on using this system? Does it make a significant difference and offer enough throw? I like the idea of just putting a new plate on and keeping my stock pole, cable, etc.

Other setups that work well?

West MI
At the handlebar end, nothing significant (IMO) can be done without changing the steering cable. The stock steering might leave a tiny bit of cable “throw” unused, but I’m not sure how much… maybe 1/2” total?

At the nozzle end, you can move the point where the cable attaches to the nozzle a tiny bit closer to the nozzle, but I also think this is insignificant.

Best bet, I believe, is new steering setup, likely on an a/m handlepole, with new longer throw steering cable.

Alternatively, keep stock pole, but swap cable (means also using e.g. JM adapter) and steering plate.
Thanks Steve

That's kinda what I was thinking too. All the turnplate can really do is change the reaction/speed of the cable movement. It would still be limited by the amount the cable could move at the nozzle end...

I'll look into the JM adapter. I'm assuming he's got that listed in his master parts posts

john zigler

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Ours is the only system that will work properly with the stock cable.

It drastically changes the steer ratio and is very much a noticeable difference in handling.

As you know, If you go to a std system, you will need to back date the steer cable, and add an adapter. You also need to grind/modify your pole. IMO it is not really necessary unless you are riding in the surf and doing large areal maneuvers, reentries, barrel rolls, etc. where more steering throw is needed.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'll just start by taking some measurements and calculating how much extra angle I can get at the nozzle end if I move the attachment locations. I'll compare that with what I know works well on my other skis. Then go from there.
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