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    64x 760 Stator/Flywheel Cover

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    SOLD ADA 38mm FA Adapters

    Yes, still available.
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    SOLD ADA 38mm FA Adapters

    Clean set of ADA flame arrestor adapters for the Mikuni 38mm carbs. This design allows for proper flame arrestor clearance needed when running the ADA head. $40 shipped.
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    64x 760 Stator/Flywheel Cover

    Stator off a 64x 760 engine. Flywheel cover has oil pump block off installed. $165 OBO Shipped.
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    Any contact with Rhaas?

    I've been having problems with them lately as well. Ordered a speed plate from them and a month went by with no communication. So I called and got a hold of someone and they said they had a machining error on the latest batch of them and they'd rework the ones they had within 2 weeks and then...
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    Twin Mikuni 38 on a Superjet

    Taylor covers this in his video. Make sure you're drilling in the correct area.
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    38mm SBN questions (NOT OEM's)

    Cool. And yeah I hear ya. So I'm assuming you T'd your fuel in line after the petcock but before the carbs then? Sorry to keep prying on so many questions, but I've been thinking about doing the same thing and I've put a fair amount of thought into how I would go about it (single pulse or dual...
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    38mm SBN questions (NOT OEM's)

    Ok, thanks for the insight. I figured that'd be the easiest way to do it. You run dual pulse and dual fuel feed? Dual fuel feed meaning individual fuel lines for each carb coming from the tank.
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    38mm SBN questions (NOT OEM's)

    @MTRHEAD with your "racing" SBN 38 set up on your SJ, were you running dual pulse lines or are you able to use the OEM 38 fuel pump covers and only run 1 and then tie them together via the OE pump cover? Curious if you can run this set up with an OE tank (only one "fuel out" line) and single...
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    144mm Reduction Nozzle

    Yes, correct. Looking to trade mine or purchase an untouched OE nozzle with vanes and syphon tube still intact.
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    144mm Reduction Nozzle

    Looking for a clean 144mm reduction nozzle for an SJ. Must have the two threaded bosses near the mounting ears for the trim ring to mount to. I have a 144mm nozzle with the vanes and syphon and visibility spout tubes removed, filled, and sanded flush that I'd be willing to trade for. There is a...
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    Oct freeride?

    Looks like it. Oct. 14-18 according to the FB page.
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    Jetting Sbn 44 for x2

    I had the same question so I searched forums on here and documented what everyone was saying/recommending. Everything came back as: Main: 140-150 Low: 115-120 N/S: 2.0 Spring: 80g Start with a 2.0 N/S and 80 g spring and somewhere within the range shown on main and pilot jets and that'll get...
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    SOLD Cold Fusion Yamaha Flywheel Lock

    Cold Fusion flywheel lock / holder tool for holding your flywheel in place while torqueing the flywheel bolt. In great shape, no issues with it, just don't need it any more. $50 shipped OBO Sold
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    New billet manifold

    It's obvious that the front face of the manifold has a recessed area to accept an OE or VForce 2 style reed. I'm sure you've thought of this already but I'm curious - how will this work with a VForce 3 style reed cage? Will there be a filler plate the bolts in there? Will this space simply...
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