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    How long should a carbon hull last?

    Superfreaks were poorly constructed and if it was a light layup, even worse. Carbon hulls are suposed to be epoxy and glass hulls usually aren't. All depends on the builder. Most AM hulls were and are crap constructed out of the cheapest junk materials the builder could get his grubby hands on.
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    701 62T Waveblaster No Power to Coil and No Spark

    I could diagnose it in 2 minutes if it was in front of me. If it has no spark. The stator will have an open circuit/ broken wire. 2 second check with the cheapest ohm meter ever made. I forget what color the 2 wires are that get checked. Call me and I'll take a quick look and tell you. You...
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    Post pics of your ski......

    Tigercraft FV 1000
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    2 Season Old Driveshaft Failure

    I don't actually see failure. All I see is rust. Splines don't look stripped out to me.
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    SOLD - TC Built Carbon Rickter Edge Dasa 1000 - BRAND NEW

    Miller maniac video are all over YouTube under droid boy I think. I can't wait to take it for a quick test beat
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    SXR 800sxr project for sale

    Looks like an 05. Smoking deal. Where you at
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    SOLD - TC Built Carbon Rickter Edge Dasa 1000 - BRAND NEW

    It's going to my buddy that rides Sacramento River Miller Park area. It should be in kamikaze chris' Miller maniacs vids this year
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    Oh no!..The rod!.. It's broken!

    It's Sombody .Bought .Trash.
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    Custom/Hybrid My new miller beater

    Had to clean it up
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    Custom/Hybrid My new miller beater

    Just got a new to me tigercraft fvpro for my new Miller boat chaser. Carbon hull , tnt ported Dasa 1000cc , h2o torrent 160mm pump, blowsion pole. Should be an upgrade from that blown up and destroyed 760 green hurricane.
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    How much of a difference is a mag pump?

    A mag pump also gives any hull straight line stability at wfo or higher speeds. My pos hurricane with a mag tracks straighter while chasing boats than my xfs with a stock 144. Also the prop dont spin in whitewash water full of air. No power differences but definitely some nice advantages if needed.
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    Kawasaki 650 crankshaft

    I've got a brand new oem 650 crank still in the oily bag and box. Retail is over 800. I want 600
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    2 Season Old Driveshaft Failure

    Oem Yamaha shafts are put together from 3 pieces. The splines are less stainless and more steel, so it's going to rust more. I've got a stack of shafts laying out in the boneyard and some are pretty crusty on that end. Thats why Aftermarket garbage shafts strip out in 2 seconds. They aren't...
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    Want to Buy Single 48/49

    I have a single novi 48. 916 334 3786
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