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    Jet Maniac

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    one cylinder only problem

    You might have a damaged reed petal(s).
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    Superjet cranks but doesn’t fire

    If you have compression and fuel, the only thing left is spark. Have you verified spark with the plug grounded to the motor?
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    Positive Tool Experiences

    They have 3 rollers that grip the stud. If they are on a threaded spot on the stud it will flatten them if a whole lot of torque is required.
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    Positive Tool Experiences

    I'll also throw in my absolte love affair with Aircat tools. I have a 6" D/A and mini die grinder so far. Tool quality is outstanding, they are super QUIET, and best of all, they are affordable. I'd recommend any of their tools at this point.
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    Positive Tool Experiences

    This stud puller set has been worth it's weight in gold for Kawasaki motor rebuilds and anything that uses studs...
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    Big Pin 750 Reseal/Rebuild Questions

    I made this a while ago as an example of a bad leak:
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    Big Pin 750 Reseal/Rebuild Questions

    For safety I'd run another test for 10 minutes. Use soapy water in spray bottle to double check for leaks. However, 2 psi over 40 minutes is most likely passing at 10 minutes!
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    Big Pin 750 Reseal/Rebuild Questions

    On most of the Kawi motors I've built, the stud holes on the intake manifold as well as the reed to manifold and case to reed area leak profusely. Adding 1211 around the base of the studs and on both sides of the gaskets then results in no discernable PSI loss over a 10 minute test. How much...
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    Sunk superjet, now won't rev under load

    Send it!
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    Won’t accelerate

    Did you remember to put your woodruf key back in when you put the flywheel back on? Or, are you sure the key is intact and not broken? I've seen motors that would start and idle just fine with a broken key, but the second you try and give any throttle they run like crap.
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    Sunk superjet, now won't rev under load

    That's the beautiful thing about composite reeds. Generally, they don't do any noticable damage when they go through the motor. Stock metal reeds on the other hand will tear up a ring or bore wall. If you're worried, pull the cylinder and inspect thoroughly, but I doubt you will find anything...
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    Big Pin 750 Reseal/Rebuild Questions

    Clean everything thoroughly - Case halves, scrape all gasket/sealant residue off with a razor and scotch bright pad (BY HAND! - No power tools with scotch bright). Acetone all surfaces prior to reassembly. Chase all of your threaded holes/bolts with a tap/die. This makes assembly easier and...
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    Brapp's 1987 Toyota 4Runner Build

    Hahahahhahahahah!!!! That license plate!!!!!
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