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    850 dasa cylinder, on 64x bottom end

    Who has a Dasa 850 top in stock? I got jerked around for over 6 months trying to get a new one before I pulled the plug. Be careful trusting what's in stock or soon to be readily available. Anyways, the cases will need to be epoxied and heavily ported quite a bit for the larger transfer ports...
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    Other Identify Intake grate

    Looks like for Polaris couch to me.
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    FX-1 Flame Arrestor Suggestions

    Second vote for the oem setup
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    Super Jet Ski overheats from too much flow through cooling

    Post pictures of what you have. Will help us help you.
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    Freestyle DASA 950 8mil Tuning

    Looks like you have oem 44s judging y the black paint? His should not have restrictors in it. Also, Did you try raising your pop off pressure any before changing fuel restrictor sizes?
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    What intake manifold is this

    Great thank you. also, are the VF3 reeds still best choice for this manifold? Or is there a better option now.
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    What intake manifold is this

    What intake manifold is this? Looks like PHP manifold to me, but wanting to confirm. also, anyone know the o-ring spec for the speed plate?
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    Freestyle DASA 950 8mil Tuning

    Best option would be to ditch those 46s and make your package complete with some nice carbs, call up Novi and get some 48s, they will likely come jetted very well for your application. That will wake up that motor. but to fix what you have, does it load up when you ride slower and steady...
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    B-pipe advice

    What bugs me is how these chambers tend to all look a little different from each other over the decades. Now I've only ever bought one brand new pipe, so maybe they getting tossed around between owners took a toll on them. Anyone else have similar experience?
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    New DASA 1100cc engines IN STOCK.. free shipping in the US

    If you don't mind me asking, when were these ordered and built by? Seem to be one of the lucky ones that got their Dasa motor!
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    B-pipe advice

    The mod chamber and b chamber are nearly identical. Splitting hairs in my opinion. Most can't tell the difference between a limited and mod chamber. fx1 chamber is worth quite a bit more money, that's the real difference.
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    PSI Superjet / FX1 exhaust

    The lower mount has been cut off the chamber. Maybe someone can chime in about how to properly secure this pipe with the mount cut off?
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    PSI Superjet / FX1 exhaust

    Did you run this pipe? Is the manifold and headpipe seized together?
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    Pump stuffer question

    We need clarity. Is this the inlet stuffer, or large hub adapter?
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    Garage clean out

    Have any minty kaw 650 pumps?
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