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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    Looked at a marin rift zone today at the bike shop. Full suspension, but not a lot of stuff other than that kinda a bare bones fs bike. Also looked at an almost new excalibur 9 trek a buddy has. He wants what he oaid for it new so thats out. Had a buddy send me some links for a Di Vinci hardtail...
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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    I guess I might take a look. If the price is right I may jump on it. I never had a problem riding a 26 in bike before. Not sure why I need a 29er now. We have an amazing pump track downtown as part of the south knoxville bike park. i want to build a 24 ir 26 in bmx/dirt jump style bike for that...
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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    We have some amazing trails here in knoxville. I am wanting to do some of the more technical stuff with jumps, i have done a few of these trails on my old gravel which was a touring type roadie with knobbies and centerpull brakes. I was on the brakes hard because these trails are really fast...
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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    Looking to add a real mtb to the fold here. Dropper post and fork lockout would be nice, not particularly loyal to any certain brand but tend to shy away from trek because of the infighting with greg lemond. Any suggestions? Not sure if I would want 29er or 27.5 and what I gain/lose from each...
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    What's your view look like today?

    Me too Don! First one ever!
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    Tool Guys, revoke my man card...

    I have mostly snap on screwdrivers I bought a repo set years ago when my craftsmans had finally all disappeared. Hardened tips and decent grippy handles. Matco has some drivers with this nice felt looking inserts in the handles that are great.super grippy and oil/fuel is no problem on them. I...
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    Today was a good day - the counter to trivial complaints

    I was wondering if you were ever gonna pull the trigger on one. My dad sold his a few months back. Should have scooped it up but I didnt bother. Getting hard to find nice ones that arent overpriced
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    Other Car mechanical Question

    Not uncommon on civics or ho das in general. Replace with quality am unit like a denso and will be good to go. Done a ton of them.
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    2020 Maybe We will have College Football....................

    The only thing I have any interest in at this point is getting this year over with. Nothing is normal,covid has sucked the fun out of every damn thing I do except riding my bike. Football is a mess,Tennessee is gonna ride Jarret Guaratano right to our football graves cause our coach wont get out...
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    2020 Maybe We will have College Football....................

    Does it make you feel better to come beat the $hit out of us this weekend?
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    Other Anyone else considering changing jobs in this current economic climate?

    Today starts my new job as a case manager for the home health company I have worked part time for the last 10 months. I have no clue what I am doing but excited anyways. Big pay jump from my hospital job, and no micromanaging. Biggest issue I see is getting people scheduled to see. And I still...
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    2020 Maybe We will have College Football....................

    Man its such a weird feeling to be sitting down watching a football game. And with people in the stands no less. Tennessee looking better but not great. Missed the other games today due to work go Vols!
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    Anybody riding gravel?

    Its the same loop. I just add another 20 mile loop for the big loop. Its all pretty much similar terrain and if I do that smaller loop I maintain my lower average speed on it as well. I think its just the effects of a good day with good legs. I know that one day a week I have no wife and no...
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