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    anyone making custom rideplates?

    Close... Seymour Butts.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    Modern will look old in a year, embrace the vintage superjet, LOL
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    RN Superjet pole. What's it worth?

    So you're saying you shouldn't have traded me the one off your 96'? :cool:
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    Super Jet WTB hull

    Might want to post in the WTB section.
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    RN Superjet pole. What's it worth?

    Missed the A/M steering.
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    RN Superjet pole. What's it worth?

    $450? They are in the marketplace for about $250 quite often. There is one there now for $225.
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    Remember the good old days when JetPilot used to have a lifetime warranty?
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    RN superjet handle pole

    Bump, it's still for sale or bump you are still waiting on a shipping box?
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    I guess I don't ride hard enough to ruin the JetPilot gloves, :) Actually now that I think about it maybe they are Slippery gloves, damn, can't remember poop anymore. I'll have to check when I get home....
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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    I have always had Specialized bikes for me an my family and couldn't be happier with every aspect of them. I am not up on the newest models but love my full suspension Stumpjumper. As far as the 29" vs. 27.5, I could never get used to the feel of the 29, just felt too big and goofy since I have...
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    Been using the Jet Pilots for a couple summers but not riding as much as I should. They have been great so far.
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    Super Jet Front foothold install help

    Haven't tried the blue but never ever buy the green can, total crap.
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    Custom/Hybrid Finally decided to open up the 97’

    I'm partial to the 18' graphics ;)
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    MSD Enhancer

    Kept the stock one and removed the rev limiter myself using the instructions here on the X.
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    What's your view look like today?

    I got the Milwaukee jacket from my family for Christmas because I’m always cold. But it’s still in the 70’s here in California so I haven’t tried it yet.
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