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    Random Jetski PIcs

    What a back story for a ski!
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    2021 Daytona Pics

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    2021 Daytona Pics

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    2021 Daytona Pics

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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    Buy these and never look back. Illusive Gloves – IllusiveGloves
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    Other What did you fab up today? A thread for the home fabricators!

    Nice work on the beach cart!
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    Roll call 2021

    RRP Pole.. Fresh and Salty beach cart.. Pallet of Northern Chill water delivered to you house.. H20 Industries custom made cover for your ski.. There are so amazing prizes this year!
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    Best day to visit Daytona 2021

    Saturday is usually the busiest day.
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    Roll call 2021

    Brian Sizemore just posted that the Hard Rock added a extremely low number of rooms at the discounted rate. You have to call the resort directly . And the hotel has 70% more bookings than last year.
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    So long and thanks for all the fish

    This hobby/sport is kind of like mafia. You are never officially "out". Only on a break. Thanks for everything you have done.... We'll see you back here....
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    Crank rebuild options?

    Sometimes JetManiac has clean good used OEM cranks. Check with him first.
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    Roll call 2021

    Flying in Wednesday. Looks like a strong showing from the Buffalo/Rochester crew this year!
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    Freestyle skis ontario

    @Mdavies-02 Know of any?
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    When you buy on Ebay, don't be fooled.

    I find myself looking at tags or seeing where things are made more than ever now. If someone on social media is looking for gaskets I always suggest they go to you!
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    What's your view look like today?

    Between my brother, sister and I we get Mom out of the house about every other day. You are so right about Christmas. We are changing up a few traditions this year to help Mom (and all of us) to get through the holidays.
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