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    GTA Jet Pilots Revival Thread

    Hey guys im new here. Im also from the ottawa area. Theres not to many people around my area that ride standup. Anyways i was wondering if you guys were planing any group rides or something this summer? I have a 2014 superjet. Congratulations on the kid mdavies!! Thanks, Ryan
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    Single Carb B1 Setup

    Where you from?
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    Wtb 61x cdi

    Looking for a working 61x cdi. I’m from Canada so would prefer Canada for ease. But let’s see what you got.
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    Want to Buy WTB Round nose Superjet chin pad

    Also looking for a rn chin pad!
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    SN cover that fits wide bars

    My cover craft Works with the new blowsion bars on my 90 sn
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    Yamaha b1

    Still looking one deal was stollen under my feet. Bump
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    Yamaha b1

    @tooldtorideablaster Text me 613 577 7926
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    Yamaha b1

    I didn’t get any message
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    Surfriding Krash Predator Build

    Wild build can’t wait to see it finished!
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    Yamaha b1

    Thanks for the help! still looking for a wb1
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    Yamaha b1

    Sorry guys I’m new to the site. I can’t figure out how to pm anyone. @tooldtorideablaster let’s see some pictures and get a price! @Big Kahuna that’s the opposite of what I’m looking for. I am looking four a budget build fun toy. I’m also not scared to get my hands dirty. @jetx you have a nice...
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    rocker chop blaster $950

    Would you ship to Canada? And how much to ship?
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    Hull Blaster B1 Hull

    How much is it to ship a hull?
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    Yamaha b1

    Looking for a good yamaha blaster b1. Would like to start a new project preferably the stock 701. Looking in Ontario Canada!
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