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    Blaster Blaster B1 head pipe clearance

    How straight is the Pump Driveshaft? Max Shaft Run-Out is 0.3mm, worst case maybe 0.5mm. A bent Driveshaft could affect the alignment. I'm wondering about how "centered" the Midshaft is since the 3 Midshaft Bolt Inserts are installed in the Bulkhead at the Factory and that means that the...
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    Industry parts (Or lack there of)

    This is great! I've been waiting for a Pipe like this for my DASA 850 Buoy-Course SuperJet.
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    Industry parts (Or lack there of)

    Looks like the Head Pipe might clear Exhaust Power Valves?
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    DASA Diagnosis

    The DASA is a high-end Engine, an Exotic if you wish. Every detail needs to be right. The Factory Ring Gap usually works with Stock builds, but this is a Top Shelf Engine. Ring Gap must be individually set for each Bore. So one Ring will only match one Cylinder. No shortcuts here. Good news is...
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    DASA Diagnosis

    Seems like the Ring got caught on a sharp Transfer Port edge. From the photo, it seems like the Chamfering is minimal. All Ports Edges should have a nice all-around Bevel to allow the Rings to easily slide in and out as they move across the Ports. Also, what was the Bore to Piston Clearance...
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    looking for a waveblaster 1
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    Replacing OEM Yamaha Superjet Couplers With Ada Couplers

    If you don't care about damaging the OEM Coupler(s), you can just make a radial cut (from outside to center) with a Hack Saw or Power Sawzall or Cutting Wheel and skip all the Leverage Methods. Just be careful not to damage the Shaft Threads. You can stop short of full thru-cut and just split...
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    B pipe manifold install

    Snug those Two Bolts (or buy Waxhead's awesome Bolts ( ) until you can just slide the Manifold slots under them. Then start cross-torquing all Bolts. You will need to grind an Open End Wrench to be able to turn those two OEM...
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    SXR 800 Factory Wet Pipe

    Buyer Beware...
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    Bad flywheel?

    Flywheel Magnets do go weak after sustained and elevated Heat exposure. All Permanent Magnets do. Sometimes it's temporary during the overheating event or period. Theory is that the Magnetic Particles become "disoriented" or misaligned thus reducing the Magnetic Field Strength. Once the Magnets...
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    Most 2021 Yamaha pwc sold out?

    Might still be available...
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    Super Jet starting point for single carb setup

    Okay, but not One but Three Guys with the same "Carburetion" Issue are asking because all Three of them can't figure it out. More helpful would be to diagnose and solve it for them in a nice write-up for future reference. As of now, this Thread lacks a successful Conclusion. You say Exhaust...
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    Super Jet starting point for single carb setup

    Their descriptions point to a Rich condition on the Mid to High end with the 140+ Main Jets. And if you look at the X-H2O Jetting Library, Main Jets around #120 are used for similar set-ups. What's your Main Jet Size????
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    Super Jet starting point for single carb setup

    Looks like their Main Jets were way too big. I would go with a 120 Main Jet and a 115 Pilot Jet and Pop-Off in the 20's. Set all your Low and High Speed Adjusters at 1-1/2 Turns open and Fine Tune from there. Use a good Tachometer for Tuning.
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    Measure Exhaust port duration on PV motor?

    Could use a Piston Travel Calculator like IF you have confidence in the given nominal Port Opening Degree Specs, just enter the 90 degrees and the Calculator will give you the Travel Measurement.
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