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    Dasa 1100, go to carbs????

    i have a set of each SE 50's on my ski's they come pretty close out the box for jetting honestly, a great base to start and tune with. ive had both sets apart and there is no difference between the ninja ones from Chris and the SE 50's from TC. except the diaphragm plate has a different logo...
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    SOLD LSP Xscream trim new

    i put it with comparison to the bun trim and the raptor trim
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    SOLD LSP Xscream trim new

    hey i have spare new LSP large bore trim for sale . i don't need to sell it but its just sitting as a spare and if someone is looking and not sure if there's still a wait for them. selling for what i paid, if not back on the shelf. i put it on for 10 min last week to try it out. but went back...
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    2018 Rickter Ninja XFS Extreme carbon

    helping my buddy sell his ski from Croatia and that's where is located just waiting n the pump brand and confirm the hull is a 2018 2018 XFS ninja full carbon fibre Textreme Hull, with ninja foot holds Blowsion pole Blowsion quick steer Dasa 1200 4.5 hours from complete rebuild ( not ninja...
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    Want to Buy Looking for 1100cc+ engine

    ya i mix it at 50:1
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    Want to Buy Looking for 1100cc+ engine

    no its been great, I've burnt a whole 55 gal drum of VP C12 last year so ive put 110 gallons of fuel mixed with 927 on my motors and no issues ( mix 1/2 c 12 and 1/2 94 octane Chevron) ive gone through gallons and gallons of Maxima n only changed my plugs once last year in the middle of summer...
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    WTB 1000cc to 1200cc

    on hold cheers
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    Rickter xfs $13,500

    hey i messaged you i have a buddy looking for a ski to start out on cheers
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    hey bud did you end up selling your ski? is it still complete or just the hull right now? i got...

    hey bud did you end up selling your ski? is it still complete or just the hull right now? i got a buddy wanting to get into jet skis this year and just asked me to start looking for him this afternoon. let me know buddy cheers
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    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    i have a twin coils set up total loss Zee set up , on of the last that art (ET)was able to help make with California Freestyle. its the equivalent to the MSD total loss but easier to change the timing curve ( just plug in the hand held unit and change the points simple ) you get like 20 points...
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    extra parts $25 and up

    hey got a few extra parts kicking around now that i don't plan to use ill add as i dig out more stuff. all plus shipping ( i will get you a price once zip code has been given) new blowsion Tornado flame arrestors $80 for the pair + ship used Blowsion 2.5 flame arrestors $50 for the pair + ship...
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    2021 Revolver pro V2

    so finally got my babies out together to really test them together. i can't wait to do an unbiased write up of these things this winter, as they both are great units and have different strengths and weaknesses but nothing major just preference
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    DASA Head covers $100

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    DASA Head covers $100

    yup give me $50 plus shipping n its yours
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    2021 Revolver pro V2

    got it wet for the first time to figure out what needs to be changed. what a huge difference in hulls from the 2020 XFS ninja to the 2021 V2 revolver . different stance , the cock pit is further back . you stand lower in the water on the revolver and it rides a bit nose high compared. the V2 is...
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