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    Dry Pipe Install

    Here's the instructions.
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    Anyone have any 701 ind flex fins?

    He wants them for a standup.
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    Yamaha 701 With High Compression And Tight Squish

    Here is the post I was referring to. My port sizes were identical.’s-up-with-these-small-ports-on-61x-cylinder.189857/
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    Yamaha 701 With High Compression And Tight Squish

    SBT cylinders do have small ports. I was running an sbt cylinder. I found a post online talking about the small ports. (I will see if I can find it) I got out my endoscope and looked at the ports on my SBT cylinder compared to another motor I have that has a stock cylinder (both 61x) and the...
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    Electric 300sx build!

    Here's the cooling setup on a rc boat. I wonder if there is a way you could use the water outlet on the pump to cool the driveline off.
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    Midshaft and Jet-Pump Rebuild Frequency

    I replaced the midshaft once on my 94 fx-1. Pump has never been rebuilt. Ski is 28 years old now. Motor has been rebuilt once about 5 years ago.
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    701 62T Waveblaster No Power to Coil and No Spark

    Unless the coil was aftermarket.
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    SXR1500 Top Speed

    Not me, Maybe the op.
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    SXR1500 Top Speed

    only a fuel guage.
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    SXR1500 Top Speed

    We gps'd my friends when he first got it and hit 59 stock. I think it would go faster now that he has more experiance riding it. Search on youtube there are many sxr 1500 top speed videos.
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    Ada Girdle Head Oring replacement

    I used to put silicone grease on all of them but I had one of the o-rings around the spark plug pop out on me. I tried installing them dry two years ago and so far so good. I have to grease the o-rings around the cylinder becuse there is no groove to hold them in place. The mcmaster-carr rope...
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    cold fusion

    I would look on Mcmaster carr. They have tons of o-rings.
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    Anyone have any 701 ind flex fins?

    I missed that. I didn't know there were standup sized ones.
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    Anyone have any 701 ind flex fins?

    Superfly pro in Australia sells them.
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    See Mister Ho Remanufacture a Shot Piston and Rev the Engine to the Max!

    I was impressed at how he made the coupler and it didn't wobble.
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