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    Blaster Tell me about these chambers

    I'm peaking about 6700 51mph on mine. Have you seen this thread?
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    Stand up ski trailering ideas

    I Have that same trailer but with 12" wheels. It was an optional upgrade. I use a pinned tie down on the back when I'm hauling my fx1 on it.
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    Blaster Tell me about these chambers

    The water adjusting screws on the headpipe control where the pipe makes it's peak hp. "Traditionally, if you wanted low RPM torque and high RPM horsepower, it required several pipes. A few of our competitors cast rings into their pipes to achieve pipe tuning by Acut and try.@ In 1992 Factory...
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    Blaster Tell me about these chambers

    I wouldn't think the spraybar would make any difference. You could try running both chambers and find out for yourself and let us know. You could make the "L" bracket yourself or some people say they run without it without any problems.
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    Cooling Line Recommendations

    I've been running the blue line for about a year now with no issues.
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    Cooling Line Recommendations

    you can use 3/8" air hose or if you want to be fancy you can use this.
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    Steering nozzle

    I printed a zero and -2 and I liked the quick steering but they made the ski porpoise so I went back to stock. I have modified the design to make it stock length and inner diameter but haven't tried it yet.
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    Tow valve install

    I have a valve on the water intake on my Blaster. I used a 3/8" ball valve and I drilled it open more to increase the flow. The valve doesn't seal %100 after I drilled it out but doesn't need to. It's also handy for flushing. If you tow slow you won't need it. I was concerned that I might forget...
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    Question on Starter motor replace on a jm781bb

    Factory pipe has instructions with torque specs. You can't get a torque wrench on the top two manifold bolts.
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    High RPM on start up after sitting.

    this may help.
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    clearance piston OEM

    under maint specs.
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    B-pipe advice

    I bought my 94 fx1 in 97 from the original owner. He already had the pipe on it but it had a split in it. I had it welded but it split again. I called factory pipe to see if they could fix it. They told me to return it and shipped me a brand new chamber. The new chamber had a brace inside that...
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    B-pipe advice

    I looked through some of my old magazines to see if I could find performance specs for the FP fx1 pipe but this was all I could find. My recollection was that FP claimed 18 hp gain with the fx1 pipe.
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    Blaster Blaster B1 head pipe clearance

    That's interesting. I would think if you only owned the thicker manifold you could have it machined down to get the pipe to fit. edit: I just measured my manifolds. the fx1 is 9mm thick in that area and my waveblaster is 12mm.
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    B-pipe advice

    So, do you have a way to test horsepower? What kind of hp gain do you see with the fx1 pipe?
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