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    Reaper, MX1, or V2X to replace Gen1 X2

    I really appreciate the buoyancy of the Mx1 in the rear tray area. Feels like a mix between reaper & blaster hull. The reaper sprays me in the face SUPER hard when I ride- especially at high speeds. The Mx1 does not do this at all. The dual hood latches on mx1 definitely give the hood a solid...
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    SOLD - TC Built Carbon Rickter Edge Dasa 1000 - BRAND NEW

    Bump for a badass local PA ski! GLWS
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    SXR1500 Project - Fixed Steer

    Super badass! I agree with trying to make everything out of metal. Anything plastic in the steering / mounting would be a major weak point. Good luck!
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    Torrent 150 trim

    What trim cable are people running with that X metal trim kit?
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    Used Complete lay down pipe

    Will this chamber work with RRP header or no?
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    Yamaha pulsing coil gp1200/suv1200

    I still was never able to locate one of these in good condition used or new! Someone help please!
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    Kawi 1100 jetting help, please

    I completed assembly yesterday - ended up having to use an old yami throttle cable as well to make throttle work proper. (This is on a Kawasaki Zxi 1100) I also had to get pro k filters & adapters as the stock gp1200 air box did not fit inside zxi1100 hull. I did just Tee off the one pulse line...
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    Kawi 1100 jetting help, please

    So I’m finishing up the carbs tomm - as for the pulse on the 44 triple Mikuni - is it ok to just “T” and split off the single crankcase pulse fitting? I was always under the assumption that this cut down the signal strength vs. having individual pulse lines. thanks
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    Yamaha pulsing coil gp1200/suv1200

    I am in need of a Yamaha pulsing coil for a 2001 Yamaha suv1200. I will take new or used - lmk what you guys got! Thanks tried ordering new oem was 2-6 months eta…
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    148mm pump

    Brian told me the same thing the other day. Non set back 148 is like paying the price but not getting the proper performance. I ordered a setback 148 torrent for my reaper.
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    148 Impeller

    Any idea of pitch on this?
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    2017 SXR1500 near Orlando, FL $6200

    Good price! GLWS
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    Sxr collection

    Lol true!
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    Sxr collection

    Both of these sxrs are basically virgin unmolested 100% fresh water. My 440 has the original motor from 1984 I’m in PA if anyone has any leads on a nice 300 LMK!
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    Sxr collection

    I figured you guys would enjoy looking at some pics of my sxr800 & sxr1500 sitting next to each other. Each ski is so much fun in its own ways. I own a js440, 550sx, 650sx, 750sx, 800sxr , 1500sxr. I have my Yamaha collection as well but that’s not to be talked about here. only Kawi Standup I’m...
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