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    Best Jet-Ski Shoes

    I've been riding for years in surf conditions only and as @headshock said, the Assics Aggressors have been the best and I did try many models. Lasting over two year of hard riding plus I wear aircast ankle braces within to prevent the ankle roll. I especially like the toe protection and thick...
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    WTB: superjet gas tank

    I might have oem SJ a gas tank with an internal fill mod
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    Freestyle Hot Tub!

    That windshield is where the "money" is at. Nice built! My buddy has a 1100cc mate
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    760 short block, ignition, carbs

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    Carbs and Electronics Fresh Water

    Send it!
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    Remedies for high blood pressure

    Did not have time to read the thread, but the NONI JUICE from Peru is the best in decreasing drastically. It comes in form of powered, concentrate and juice. available at amazon, swanson and ebay. I like the powder because drop it in to my shake along with other superfoods such as MACA...
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    Carbs and Electronics Fresh Water

    Dual 44ss with hardware, need a rebuild $188 760 electronics, fly wheel, stator, key (not pictured), hardware, start stop cables are cut will need to run connectors, a very clean, fresh water set -- $207 Single carb with intake, arrestor and reeds $100 All prices include shipping o...
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    New Wcf Black Friday sale!!

    That's a sweeet deal boyz and gals
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Not coming if there are Nooo Waveeeeez
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    Super Jet Wont start in water - Gone through everything

    Had this virus before: stator in my case
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    Can this be repaired?

    YES! Put a sticker over it lol
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    Saw the ski in person! Looks sick AF but I am the illest mofo around, so poop can't get any sicker lol
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    More Hugo Freeride Vids

    November sesh enjoy! See ya in 'Tona
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    Hugo Freeride Every Weekend

    Rumor has is Scott selling the chan and buying a new rickter
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    Hugo Freeride Every Weekend

    Come and shredd with the Hugo Crew. We got Waves to share. November 6th Sesh Enjoy Braap Life
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