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    Yamaha 701 With High Compression And Tight Squish

    Play it safe. That's tight squish. Either use the stock head or thicker base gasket. If you can't get a gasket by the weekend, buy some gasket paper and cut your own. That would probably be the easiest way to get the thicker base gasket. It's very likely that motor will blow if you run as is.
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    Test Subjects wanted!!

    I got a chance to compare a treated and untreated bearing side by side. With grease removed, there seems to be a slight difference in rolling resistance (better). It's definitely a treatment rather than coating. There's no buildup on the bearing. I can't say much about wear. Maybe I'll update in...
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    What's your view look like today?

    I was trying to figure out where that was. I was thinking closer to Burlington. I was way off!! Before you even mentioned Avril, that's what I was thinking. Every time I go by Napanee she's the first thing that comes to mind because that's the only thing I know about the town. When I drive to...
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    91 SJ 650 won’t start

    That area should be watertight. With your flywheel being that rusty, there's a very good chance something on the stator is bad. When you put it back together, replace the o-ring on the starter, use a new cover gasket and make sure the mating surface is clean. Use a razor blade to scrape the junk...
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    701 Rebuild Threebond around Crank seals?

    I own a lot of special tools, but I've never had a shart holder.
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    Mukini carb shaft play

    You should be able to get a shaft/plate/bushings kit. Do that and it's a headache avoided.
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    Mukini carb shaft play

    If it has play, replace the shaft. If it isn't leaking air yet, it will soon. It's a problem you can stop before it happens when you're out on the water. They aren't hard to change out and it isn't terribly expensive.
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    Test Subjects wanted!!

    Sorry Mark, that came off more rude than I was intending. I'll most likely be going to JM for the rest of the parts, but it makes more sense to get the discounted bearings from the source.
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    Test Subjects wanted!!

    That sounds great! I'm in Canada. It makes no sense to have a set of bearings shipped here, then ship them back over the border to you. Lets move this to the DM's for next steps. Since I have a brand new midshaft assembly waiting to be installed, I'll be able to do a comparison on feel.
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    Test Subjects wanted!!

    @fx1mark I know JM can get them. I recently got a whole midshaft setup for my other ski from him. I'm asking DylanS. Read his last post.
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    Test Subjects wanted!!

    Can you get bearings for a midshaft? Looks like I'm going to have to rebuild mine.
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    Cheapest "good enough" TIG welder?

    I got a smoking deal on a "demo" Lincoln Square Wave 200 that wasn't even opened. Found it on marketplace. I was going to get the Miller 200 but they had a lot of problems with the board dying and it's an expensive fix, so I started looking around for the Lincoln. It's not a cheap brand, but...
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    1/2 Colored hose, where to find?

    That tubing has the same issue as another I found. The wall thickness is 1/16. Even the smaller 3/8 cooling line we use has 1/8 wall. Not sure I'd trust it.
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    1/2 Colored hose, where to find?

    I posted the same question six months ago with no solution. It doesn't seem to exist in 1/2".
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