WARNING PIRANHA Jetski hulls from Sylwek in Poland.

Guys just putting this up there. i ordered 4 hulls from this guy. he starts off all nice but . its far from the truth. if you send him money via western union or paypal fift as per his request . your money is gone. he will lead you along for 6months and just unfriend you and hide behind face book.

im owed a couple grand still and having to send in debt collectors.

Dont want any others to loose their money and time also

link is here

dont waste your time or cash!! Sylwek is full of empty promises and super cheap materials ! from 1st hand experience . ive waited 6months for parts, bought two hulls, after waiting about 8 months for hulls they showed up missing parts and both hulls were damaged to the point they were not water worthy! complete waste of time and alot of cash to import


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That sucks. It is truly a small world and he might get a extra buck now but lost a sale of a hull in the future.
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