Oem 155mm pump with skat-trak swirl 5/10 impeller with 701

Well the impeller came in and installed yesterday. Running a hurricane c2 with 701 62t and all the bolt ons, dual 46, msd, b pipe, and msd enhancer. I started this build with a solas 11/15 stubby cone (blaster 2 pitch) and it ripped just way to much on top. So now I switched to skat 5/10 and it instantly gets on the pipe and no lag. Backflip with no setup wake are no problem (185 lb rider). Still has way more top end than I need. So in conclusion I would definitely recommend the 5/10 for you guys wanting to build a good reliable 701 setup. Btw I don't have reduction or steering bored simply cause I was breaking so many in shallows trying to learn.


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