300/440/550 JS550 Piston Port to Reed Swap

Are there any issues that come with swapping out the stock piston port motor from a 1988 JS550 for the later model reed 550 instead? Specifically electric box, magneto, motor mounts, and jet pump coupler.
Thanks, even the stock bn44 carb?
If you use a Keihin to Mikuni adapter plate, and possibly drill the
main jet. What year is the 44 BN from and why do you want to
replace the Keihin.

Engines swap, but reed cylinders will not fit PP cases.

Both carbs have their own unique problems and advantages.

You will need a return line restrictor. A #35 Mikuni pilot jet
works well. Unless you are installing it in a 550pp hull. Then
just run the return line, like normal, through the rev limiter.

Bill M.
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