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you ever come to MN? I'd be interested in the sj you have for sale but I need it in MN
What’s up man. Been reading the zeel topic and you seemed really happy with the curve you made up. Willing to share?
I have a 1105 180 psi
1 gallon of 110 to 4 gal of 93
Zeel with speedy TL WHEEL
Just running the wax curve .
I've got one. It's clean..but, I removed the hose clip.
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Don't care about the hose clip, just need the tank to stay in place :p. How much you want for it including shipping?
Man the ski in your picture sure has gotten around, now i own it and have put a bunch of aftermarket mods into it! The paint is getting rough though!
Any serious/pending offers? interest in trades? I have a clean 2008 CBR1000RR with 12k miles on it... two restored, running, registered 90's sea-doos... I'm in the Bay Area.
Nothing really serious yet. I appreciate the offer, but I gotta cut some toys from the lineup right now not add more!
Saw an old post. Curious. Do you still have that aluminum handle pole for sale ? Is it shorter than stock ? Thank You. Jeff
Nope, it's gone.
Congrats. Thank You for letting me know.
Hi Darrell interested in the stand up you have for sale I'm pretty close to Novi if you end up not being able to sell I have $5500 cash on me and i can come get whenever that's really about all I can spend right now thanks, Jimmy
I cannot let it go for amount. Thanks for the offer
Hey man
I hope you are still active. I have been reading through the old posts and was wondering if you can maybe share some info to help me tune my ski to perfection. .
I have bun freestyle Z UFO hull with 160mm Maxx pump. 12/19 impros impeller. 50mm SE Speed magic Ninja carbs. Dasa 1200cc 5 port. MSD total loss. RRP carbon exhaust. vforce4.
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