Yesterday was the Best Day Riding Ever !!!


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Saturday we went out just to blow off the cobwebs for not riding for three weeks and I sucked at riding -- worse than usual, but yesterday, Sunday was 100F and it was simply the best day riding I have ever had.

I write this not to pump myself up (I know good riding when I see it, and I am not a good rider).

But just to share the joy of a good day of riding. I think I am finally figuring out the FX-1.

It has such a little sweet spot fore and aft and side to side at my weight at 186 lbs. But I was able to initiate carves (even right turns) without getting thrown off to the outside of the turn, without sliding the tail out, without burying the nose, picking up the nose a little out of the turn but not so much that the pump unhooked.

I have never been a finesse athlete. I have always powered my way through things with some strength. I am older now and don't have that much strength (but it is still my "go to" tactic . . .)

But yesterday, I was subtle enough to be able to slide when I wanted. Not slide when I didn't want to. Carve with the front bond rail properly when I wanted. (Man you engage the front bond rail on the FX-1 and you better be ready for the tight/hooked turn it initiates but then immediately pull up to stop from burying the nose.)

I am ready for more falls and more "off days" -- I get that even if my progress trend is slowly upward, the trend line has had and will continue to have some pretty deep crevices on the way up.

But yesterday, was pure joy.
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