Yamasaki 701 550 sx

I’m building a 1991 550 sx with a stock 2017 701 that I am swapping in. The exhaust hose diameter appears to be much larger on the 701 than 550. Does anyone know what has been done when interfacing with the rear exhaust system on sx boats with this swap? Remove the exhaust tube and punch a hole for a bigger exhaust? Potentially downsize the hose..? Seems restrictive. Thoughts?
If you’re gonna keep it longer than a year, put the larger diameter exhaust tube in. While you’re at it, widen the tray. It’s very restrictive.


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Might widen the tray later. For now I just want to get it going and see how well it works. Anyone removed an exhaust tube in one?
May be a battle to get it out without opening up the tray.l have zero experience trying to remove one! So no one beat me up for my thoughts please!
But wondering if you could drill a bunch of small holes (1/8”) around both the bulkhead and end cap in the glass to break the seal and whack it with a hammer and block of wood?? More than likely the old foam will probably have a good grip on the pipe too.Possibly figure out how to twist the pipe around before the above mentioned.
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The pipe bends upward in the middle of the right side of the tray to prevent back flow. There isn’t really an “easy way” to remove it. Even with the tray open. But the performance gains to be had by doing it is well worth it. Especially if this will be a surf boat, opening the tray and reinforcing the bulkhead of the 550 is highly recommended.


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The pole/pole mount looks really good on there.

Exhaust wise, I don't have any advise becasue mine was a side exit JS not a SX but if you are going to widen the tray, it would probably be the best time to do it.

How do you reinforce the bulkhead on the 550?
I have cracks on the X2 where the engine compartment hits the tray.
I can see that happening on the 550 too. . .
Cut the tray and reinforce it just like you would the sides. Worth it as you don’t want to stomp your foot through it on a hard landing
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