Yamaha Stock 701 Tricks

Hard to believe but ill link out videos. Trust me we live in jet ski paradise. We have great large yatch traffic and the ocean only 2hrs away tops. You Ny,Pa,Nj crews need to come down. The average wake is 4-5ft we hit. And you can come across ones over your head on approach. I'm 6'2 looking up at the froth lol.



Justin flipping a Sj with the standard mods, pipe, trim, maybe prop at most? ( off a small to us wake )
that wake was about 3 foot it helps to live in Florida big boats with captains that will give you a big wake if you ask
What do you want to do?
Right now I’ve been working on getting comfortable in the air and working on 180 flat spins but I would like to be able to nose stab.

I would like to get whatever proficiency with tricks that I can without asking too much of the boat and tearing it up. Ultimately I want to move on to something like a v3x
You seem to be riding a Blaster, if so. The Blaster is too big and the rider position too far forward to do tricks without really big waves. Adding power doesnt help with control as much as it does with a standup, they just go faster. A fixed steer Superjet is much better but usually too long without having some waves to work with. To get the most vertical requires the shortest hull that you can ride. Flat water boats are so short that the rider is bent way over when its planed. A freeride boat is just long enough to ride around somewhat comfortably.
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