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Long way from home. Up at a hilltop cemetery overlooking Montpellier Vermont.




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Yeah. A brs. Ballistic recovery chute. I have 2. Dont use them. They weigh alot. And altho they don't add to part 103 weight allotment. They are basically useless on a quicksilver. You can't fly a quicksilver hard enough to break it. It has too much induced drag to break itself. And it stalls at 18 mph and can land in 20 ft. So while most see a lawn chair that is going to fall out of the sky. Those with actual experience. Know it's quite safe.

Much safer than freestyle jet ski riding. Ocean jet ski riding. Or street motorcycle riding. By far. Over 10000 quicksilver kits were sold with 0 structural failures that weren't attributed to operator error. Each wing can hold 2500 pounds. The only plane that sold more in kit form, was vans

Fun fact. The fastest my plane can go. Is 72 mph. Pointed 5 degrees past straight down as the dihedral and incidence allows.
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Time to upgrade to the cbr 250! =)
thats a downgrade

Oh man Sturat, such a beautiful bike and piece of 2 stroke screamer history! Sorry you have to part with it, sincerely.
Is that a 250 or 500?
its a 250. It's my second one. Needed money, bout the only thing I had to my name I can part with. I'll have something else going next year. Super fun bike, on par with a carbed 600 4-stroke of the same era but only weighing about 260lbs, roughly the same as CR/KX250. I'll miss it for sure. Not bad for an 87 huh

Spent a few hours steaming all the nooks and crannies, polishing up what I could. Wax and ceramic coat. It turned heads everywhere... funny too because the young guys know it's old but don't understand much else. The older riders know it's a two stroke but can't quite put their finger on what it is. When I'm in a better position with money I will actually be importing these on a regular basis.
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