What's your view look like today?

stuck inside as well, im 8 jobs behind busting ass and leaving for daytona in just a few days.

at least i have a mostly glass office and its next to the lake.


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Hate my job..lol. Business Intelligence Analyst for a large food distribution company. Im jealous of your view Boyer. I hope one day I can find a job that I truly love.


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lol, 95% of the time, my view is the same as all three of what you guys just posted. But, If I do happen to look up and over the screen of my laptop, then I get to see the first view.

We are not allowed to take any pictures at work so we can only share what has been posted online already. I came across a few worth sharing last night. It's by far the coolest place I have ever worked.

03.jpg 11126833.jpg 11539544.jpg 11546037.jpg 11667069.jpg G550-_300th-600x340.jpg gulfstream_751544a.jpg Gulfstream_fuselage.png m-6099.jpg
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