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Polish jet pilot

Warsaw, Poland
Hi Welcome to the forum! Impressive motors you guys build! Do yo uhave experience with SJ's (SJ700A) in terms of porting? This site is mostly for free stylers looking for bottom end hit and this type of porting would be most preferencial. Stroker and BB building is also a higly sought after service.

Regards from Poland!



My home away from home.
Did you by chance get any video from Lahontan with the new ski? Bobby said it was insanely fast. 89.? mph on the first day. Nicely done is an understatement for what you did on your build. Any pics you want to share? Maybe a teaser vid?
Reno NV
Kevin at WCPORTING is the MAN!!!! I had two SXR 800's build by Kevin. Great guy and AMAZING work.... Will be getting more work done in the near future.
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