WDK F1-PRO (B.C. Canada)

How'd I do? Purchased this passed weekend what I figure is a F1-Pro, I'm told WDK made it in 2012. The seller owned it since 2016 and purchased it from someone in Ontario. Drove 8.5 hours a little bit north of Vancouver and paid the asking price of 4500 CAD
Been looking all summer, market here is tough

I read these hulls came with different pump locations. Best I can tell this has the usual set 2" set back? I'm curious to know..
I rode it for 15 minuets with the fixed steer today to try it out before the fixed steer gave out, Whoops. Swapping back to the pole it came with and trying to remove all the jankyness..Was an ocean ski with little stainless, and most of that is these damn pan head screws. The carbon around the exhaust outlet is pretty tarnished and the nose is pretty yellow. I want to finish up the bottom, fill in any dry looking spots of carbon on the back of the top nose, and most likely turf and paint this winter.

The parts list is getting longer and I can't get any of this rusty junk to come apart, but you should see the smile on my face!

Looking primary for info on building the hull into a versatile flat water ski. The plan is to put a trim nozzle on it, while building something also capable of chasing boats. This will be my second ski, im coming off a 550 with no sponsons this already felt really fun. Can't wait to ratchet strap the hood on tomorrow and go for a boogie


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I didn't like this head, spark plug hole isnt recessed and my compression tester o ring wouldnt stay put.160 and 158. I was told it's a ported 712. Guessing these 46's are gonna be thirsty...


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Sionis Industries

Fixed Fx1

That was Redwood's ski from Ontario. I remember seeing it when it was just finished.
Thanks! Figured someone on here would recognize it. Got a little further swapping back to the pole today. Trying to make up a quick hood strap as I don't have a front latch. It's aparant this thing either had or has an exhaust leak for some time.. And look at this chamber! It was a tight fit but man, might try and massage that one a bit.

Biggest hurdle right now has been mounting the steering cable, the alignment to the turn plate is poor and I have no means of securing it. Currently scrolling through to see what others have made.. Curious how I will like this pole length. Thinking I may end up wanting to add couple inches to the pole or maybe ditch it entirely. And spring would be cool, this whole pole setup needs a re do...


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