WDK 987 5mm stroker long block

Up for sale is my Frankenstein motor
Wdk crank case with light porting and matching
-Gp800 crank that’s stroked 5mm From crank works, less than 10 hours on it since fresh bearings.
-87mm gp800 cylinders that have been beautifully ported, previous owner couldn’t tell me who did it
-87mm weisco Pistons have seen better days and have a season on them, mild scarring on them
-Cylinders are a cast sleeve that was just Nic. plated by millennium tech this season, less than a hour on them
-Riva heads
-160 psi compression both holes
-WDK non-charging ignition system with Jeff’s custom curve
-WDK first gen cast manifold and welded steel chamber
-full spectrum custom intake manifolds for gp800 cases along with three stage reeds
-Riva powervalves

Cylinder head bolt threads were thrashed and professionally redone to m10x1.25 helicoil by local shop
There is no spacer plate on this motor and the pistons come pretty high out of the cylinders, the head has been cut to compensate and there is a very thick copper cometic head gasket on it
Motor has less than 5 hours on all gaskets as of this season.
Everything is here except for the carbs, have been having major trouble tuning this thing in with these carbs in particular.
5k plus shipping takes everything
Going to upload more pics Friday and Will PM any specific request pictures
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3250 takes everything, buyer pays shipping
You aren’t going to make this kind of power for this price with anything else!!!!!
I’ll happily give all carb tuning specs too!
If no one picks it up it’s going into a hull for sale
This isn’t the WDK 1200 everyone cries about
Will even tHrow In a set of cast manifolds and m16 cages
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