Wavedaze oct 2021

Been a while since I have been on here. Just wanted to let everyone know that the fall freeride is on. I do repeat the fall ride is on. The dates are October 14,15,16,17 . If anyone has any questions please feel free to send me an email at fusion1977@aol.com. This event is open to any and all skis. There is a list of growing sponsors and there will be a nice WAFFLE at the event on saturday.

For those that don't know this event is in Virginia Beach,VA.

Hope to see you all at the freeride.



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Thanks for the post Dan! Glad your back posting WaveDaze info on the X

for those that have never been to Wave Daze. Its a long running Virginia Beach Freeride.
with Surf events in both Spring and Fall. Awesome location, Great Hotel, tasty waves!
Dan is one of the very Best Freeride Organizers out there. His events are always top notch!
plan on attending Wave Daze Fall 2021! Its a must do Freeride!

and Have Lunch on me Sat afternoon!!

ski ya, Paul
My son went to wavedaze and said it was awesome.All good times and is going back in the spring.VB is a great location.Post some pics from your trip this year.I like seeing everyone’s custom rides.


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