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It worked !!! (Read below).

I took off the cover on each side, put in hot water, I turned the heater element on, I put in the H.F. General Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner and set the timer for 4:80 mins/seconds at least 10 times, then ran it under running water, then filled the Ultrasonic Cleaner with clear hot water and ran it twice at 4:80 mins/seconds and put it back together. The carb was certainly cleaner and the Ultrasonic Cleaner did not remove any paint.

However, when I was re-installing the rubber gasket with the bisecting rubber strip (upper second from left, below) I noticed apparently for the first time that the little bisecting rubber strip is not in the center of the circle but is offset to one side and I had previously installed it incorrectly.


So Quinc for the win!!!

Would the Ultrasonic Cleaner have worked without my reinstalling the rubber gasket correctly. I don't know. But it works right now. Probably not because of the Ultrasonic Cleaner but because in using the Ultrasonic Cleaner I reinspected my previous carb rebuild and corrected my previous error...
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