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I posted in the hauling skis sub with little response, just want some quick feedback so I can get my trailer set up and start riding!

I recently picked up a larger 2 place trailer to fit 2 seadoos and a B1. Now that I started measuring, I could either do the B1 facing forwards (barely), or sideways with a storage bin in the very front.

I’m leaning towards facing forwards, for 4 reasons: I assume loading/unloading would be easier than side loading. Securing to the trailer with a winch or bow pin would be easier than ratchet strapping underneath for side loading. Wind resistance would be less with all facing forward, and no stone chips on the blaster being inbetween the tires.

The downsides to facing forwards would be there’s very little room to spare in the front of the trailer, I’d probably have to put the swivel wheel jack onto one side, and probably wouldn’t be able to put my tailgate down with the trailer hooked up. I would also lose the storage bin that came with the trailer, which isn’t a huge deal because I can throw wet life vests in the bed of my truck.

The B1 is almost exactly the width of a yard stick. I set a yard stick on the trailer to show how much room it would occupy/where it would be if sitting sideways.

What would you guys do? Thanks




Great Lakes
Looks great. I have that same trailer and you can adjust the axle and slide it forward a bit to lessen the tongue weight if needed.

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Big Kahuna

Tuscaloosa, AL
I would mound B1 across the nose of the Seadoos, this way you can have storage and tank holders....... Loading and unloading may be more difficult, but you will have to unload the 2 SD's, then sink the trailer farther down the ramp regardless........
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