Torrent 150mm SS Pump Review

I have close to 25 hours on this pump now and without a doubt there are gains to be had stepping up to this from a 148.

Build quality- Just like any Torrent I have had in the past the quality of the pump is second to none. Literally used the same shims that I had with my 148 and alignment was perfect.

Performance- When this pump hooks up it hits hard. What’s nice about this is you can still come into a wave and slash across the front and unload it just like a 148 and get the backend to slide. Some skis with 155 tend to stick to much almost like Velcro when riding surf. I am now able to flatwater flip my heavy surf M1. And when it is in the surf feel like I am easy getting 1-2 feet more out of the water.

Prop- For those worried about getting a “150” prop Torrent was able to take my used 148 and turn it into a 150. It also received custom tweaks maximizing the performance with 150 pump.
Incase anyone is wondering how well this pump works. This is a 120 lb surf hull that I could barely get upside down on flatwater last year. The most important thing is that Brian at Torrent pumps took his time to size and set up my prop exactly how it needed to be. To me that knowledge is incomparable.


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Alta Loma, CA
Have one in my XS900 powered -6 SF Badass. Put it in at the end of the season last year. Only a couple rides in with it and suffering through some unrelated carb tuning issues, but no complaints on the 150 SS.
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