Tial 41 Gloves


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For grip they are absolutely amazing.

Best grip I have experienced.
Don't move around on your hands much at all and give better grip and feel.
Super solid and long lasting.
Great wrist support compared to standard ski / board gloves.

They wear out grips faster than a standard waterski / wakeboard glove. But IMO it's way worth it, because the grip is so much better. I know I already mentioned this, but until you try some, you'll never know the difference.
A little harder to put on and take longer to get on than a standard ski / wakeboard glove. Last season I cut off the wrist strap and they are still solid, but allow me to gear up faster to get on the water, chase boats etc...
Cost is a little higher, but well worth it for me.

When I wear these out, I'd like to try these and see if they are faster to get on. Basically the same palm material for grip, just different strapping. Maybe faster? Hope so.

Last years model is basically the same, more or less. But is cheaper, so I'll probably go that route if available.
those gloves are garbage! i got a pair and the stitching started coming apart in a matter of rides. i have sewn them up several times already and for $60+ they are a joke. i bought some cycle gear BUILT gloves with a 5 year warantee. the stitching started to come apart after one ride and they replaced them no questions asked. on sale for $22


My home away from home.
I might have to look for some of those. My Tail's are on their 3rd season and only one seam coming apart. On my friggin throttle finger LOL! Sometimes the throttle lever goes inside my glove and it's kind of a pita. I don't ride nearly as much as you do, but mine have held up great.. Still my biggest bitch is getting them on, but after chopping them, it's a lot easier.
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