The Beach toolbox...essentials

That Flex Tape really works, Friend's SuperJet had some Flex Squares covering an impact hole in the Bow for months and it never peeled off from the Water Pressure.

I finally did the Fiberglass Repair for Him. Had to use a Heat Gun, a Scraper and lots of Goof-Off Gum Remover to get all the sticky glue off. It was tenacious!

My Favorite Tool for reaching and turning Carb T-Handle Adjustment Screws specially when the Engine is hot and when there's a psycho zip tie edge that slices and dices every time you reach with your Hand is the Japanese Spring Hook Tool.

Be kind to your Fellow Jetskier and trim them damn Zip Ties square and flush to the Lock.

The Spring Hook Tool allows for pushing and pulling on the T-Handle Bars with ease. It's about 8 inches long, just like my Hammer :cool:

Spring Hook Tool.jpg
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A Fish Fillet Knife long enough to reach and cut Rope thru the Intake Grate. And Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers.

Compression Gauge to check for Piston damage.

Spare Spark Plugs. Spare Fuses. The Bilge Pump should also have an Inline Fuse installed. Seen Bilge Pumps start a Fire because they had no Fuse.

Digital Multi-Meter for Electrical troubleshooting from the Battery to ALL the Ignition and Stator Coils. Easier to do if you have a Deutsche type weatherproof connector on the Stator Wires. That way the Coils can be tested when they are WARM.

Primer Spray Bottle or Spray Can.

A Portable Battery Operated Bilge Pump for $15 at Harbor Freight

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Can't agree more on the knife for cutting out ropes! Last summer I think I cut a dozen ropes out of friends skis when they sucked up dock lines in the water.
I always keep hose clamps in my box - I had an exhaust hose come off in the waves and almost sunk my ski. Luckily it got a lot louder to let me know something was wrong.
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