SXR1500 freestyle build

WFO Speedracer

A lifetime ban is like a lifetime warranty !
The seats on Kehins are not supposedly not replaceable but I ran across this :

Iam not sure on the replacement procedure but apparently it presses out of the housing.

You used to be able to buy the piece with the seat in it as a performance part with a bigger needle and seat separately but they are no longer made .

Also found this so apparently on a Polaris you can but just the metering block with the seat in it.. I would look really closely to make sure they are the same part.

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Buy a Superjet
Found an oem needle on ebay for 19.99. If that doesn't work I will give that SBT one a shot! And if that one doesn't work then might have to switch over to mikunis. =)

Thank you!


Anyone else have that issue where you install a bunch of stuff only to realize you missed something and have to pull it all back out.. I forgot the top nose foam...

Yamaha superjet gas tank strap fit perfectly. So no longer waiting on partzilla. Of course my sparkplug wires are about 4" too short.
JSS is a huge pain to work with so ordered the wires etc to do my own. Once I have new plug wires installed I'll be able to fire her up!
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start/stop switch wired in!

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That engine looks so small in there ... )

WFO Speedracer

A lifetime ban is like a lifetime warranty !
well yes but still ....just so much room in there
The flame arrestors and exhaust on 1100's are not like flame arrestors and exhaust on a Superjet, they defiantly take up a lot of room.

In general the bolt on stuff for four stroke engines is way more compact than the two stroke stuff.
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