SXR 1100 - Low speed WOT Bog

I have a 1100 in my Kommander hull.
Got it from a previous owner.
82 mm pistons
44 Mikunis

55 mph @ 125 psi
Spark pl look fine
Tuned carbs and seemed fine

idle WOT bogs and dies

low rpm sudden WOT bogs

slight consisten pulling on throttle has no issues, its when I suddenly pull it it at rpms below id guess 3500 bogs
Turn all 3 low speed screws out another 1 full turn and see ifit's better. 3 turns out max. Sounds like a lean bog to me. And every winter , since air is denser when its cold, screws need to be turned out.
I attempted to tune it over and over and spark plugs showed good mixture, however bog still there
You need to pull your carbs apart and check what jets are in them as well as measure the pop off pressure. Have you done a leak down test? Has it ever ran right or is this a new issue?
You can’t really go off of spark plugs showing “good mixture” because there are too many variables there.
I purchased it form a previous owner. Since i got it its been that way.
Will get jets and pop off pressure figures on here soon, once i measure them.
have not done a leak test. How can this be done. Thank you


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does it die like you turned the ignition off or does it stumble like grandad after to much egg nog
ignition off is lean
grandad is rich
Off idle, It doesn’t immediately die like pulling the ignition switch off, it slowly but swiftly fades unless i let go of the throttle. Thanks ill take that into consideration.
Heres the carb


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Wow. Thanks alot for the above. Im definitely going to get those measurements over and report back by tomorrow. Really appreciate the help over here!
Got you going to tear the carbs apart tomorrow and see what i can find. Gonna follow the steps and revert back.

yes i already tuned it a few times, but couldn’t solve the bog or even improve it. However i improved cruising/ throttle response.

is 55 really that bad? Given all i have are the 82mm pistons and probably 44mm carbs.
Stock head, stock intake, no waterbox, no timing advance either
Thanks for the reply.

I guess my Ski is lagging behind. I assumed the heads and increased compression and ignition would take me up to the 60's. But hopefully once i resolve the carb issue i can see a large improvement.

I agree, i know i would get smoked by 1500's right now. But was planning to take it somewhere closer to 65 with those mods and then start testing it against some sxr's.

A few more things to mention here - I noticed some vapor out of the carbs might be the VForce 3 reeds, gonna check them out tomorrow as well. I also noticed the pisser giving me pretty hot water even when riding in cooler temperatures. Maybe that is limiting the engine speed as well. Going to try and do the water/cooling mods mentioned under the posts you linked above. First run i always get better speed, guess its because the ski is colder.

Must say the water routing sounds a bit complex initially, but hopefully i can work it out. Wont do that till i get the ADA head first so i can do it all together with the waterbox as well. Thanks again.
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