Sxi running issues

Hi I’m from the uk . I just recently bought a 750sxi which has been dry stored for about 15 years and looks from the outside in great shape apart from a steering cable seized

Anyway tried it a few weeks again and found it to be bogging when trying to accelerate and had to blip the throttle to get round and would cut out

Before I went I checked it on the hose and it was idling ok and water flowed ok out of the pisser but not as great as by sold 2014 superjet

Anyway it looked like it wasn’t getting enough water out the pisser when I went out on it and I’m sure that’s why it kept cutting out maybe a blockage
Anyway I flushed all coolant lines

And was advised to fit some new carb kits which I did in the mikuni carbs and set the idle screws to stock and checked the pop off which was 30psi

But it still bogs and is not great at idling I’ve checked the Reed valves all nice and flat and sealed not lifting

I’m now waiting for gaskets to put Reed valve back together

I guess the only other thing is crank seals ???

Mike W

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Chased the same tuning issues and part of my problem was bad needle and seats as well as a bad coil wire. If you just installed the Mikuni kits without cleaning out the carbs you might still have gunk causing issues. I would focus on the carbs and get them properly sorted so you can rule them out.

As far as crank seals, after sitting that long they are probably leaking. I would definitely do a leak-down test. JetManiac I believe sells leak-down kits.
Oh I have cleaned out both carbs removed jets an cleaned out with compressed air and brake cleaner and replaced o rings and gaskets ect
Pulled out low and high screws cleaned and new o rings fitted as well as manifold gaskets to engine fitted primer and got rid of choke flaps
I’ll take a look at the leak Down test kit
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