SX/SXi/SXi Pro sxi pro cuts out on turns

i have a 98 sxi pro and it used to randomly cut out just for a few seconds and if i played with the throttle it would go away seemed like an ignition thing or i thought so because a friend with an fx-1 had a similar problem but fixed it by unplugging the temp sensor i didn't even know they had temp sensors but after i had it out for the long 4th weekend it started doing it a lot and on every turn making me think its a fuel issue i have not looked into it at all yet just seeing what kind of feedback i could get from people i have no idea what kind of mods it has other than a factory pipe but my dads friend raced it on an amateur circuit for a year so im assuming there are more
i was having a similar issue with my ski lately, would run great even at high rpms but if I loaded up the pump (hard turns) it would cut out really bad. Look at your plug wires, I had to cut about an inch off mine due to breakdown
check your battery, i had this problem with a lead acid battery on my bronco. would run fine until i made a sharp left turn, then cut out and sometimes die. Also how much fuel was in your tank, you might be sucking air causing a throttle blip.


Merrick NY
ihad this problem on my 750 once. it was a bad start stop switch connection. eveytime i lifted the handle pole it would cut out. check make sure u dont have salt corrosion inside or on any start/stop connections.
I am having the same issue. I have cut back the spark plug wires about 1''.I haven't ridden it since I cut them back. I was wondering could it also be that the reeds need to be replaced?
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