SuperJet - R&D Afterburner Pump Stuffer

Up for sale! One of my favorite bolt on mods is my R&D Afterburner pump stuffer for the 144 SuperJet stock pumps. The blue has faded off but it's just for the eye candy effect :)

Turn your stock 144 small hub pump into a big hub mag pump. This is virtually the same thing as the TBM pump cone just slightly different. These are meant to work in concert with any large hub impellers like the well known Hooker impellers, Skat-Trak C75 if I recall correctly and I believe Solas has a large hub impeller too. Your pump must be disassembled to install this and you may need one or two 1mm impeller shims to prevent locking your impeller up after tightening it down.

$300 usd shipped

Here is some info on it from Blowsion, notice at the bottom it says product is has unicorn status now!



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