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Selling my SuperFreak that l redid just over a year ago.l rode it up until l bought the Krash predator hull and transferred everything over to it.

Color is “Go Mango” from a Dodge is a glass hull with a carbon hood.Yamaha based setup with a 148 JD pump shoe,but you can run a 144 pump in it.Takes a RN length driveshaft.The pump inserts were redone with Tnuts like all freaks were done,also pump bolts come with the ski.The ride plate is carbon and also comes with the hull.Two Rule pump baskets come with it.Brapp strap is also included.The two holes on the dash were cut for Watt screw in’s for bilge switch and primer.Has yamaha hood hooks.
Does NOT come with the handle pole,but will include the pole bracket.
Has been registered and comes with a bill of sale

$3800 plus shipping or will meet you within a reasonable distance from Northeast Tenn.

Here is the build thread:


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The best superfreak I've ever ridden. No joke. I've ridden lots of them too. This one is just more loose and playful than the others. Of all the skis Don has put together this was my favorite. I think it would be a great candidate for the torrent 150.

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I was going to say something similar. I ride a -4.3 that is loose, but this ski seems to pivot from a point slightly more forward than my ski. This ski is fun to ride.
Man I love that thing and I would feel right at home on it I bet.....the front foothold is a must for me. I can tell by looking at it that it would be friggin perfect for Lake Erie!
I know it is not included but what pole is that? Just wondering,,,,
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