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If I would’ve booked a site I would’ve came down!! Next year for sure.
Don’t want to embarrass myself this year when my ski blows up gotta work the kinks out first :)
Also I totally hacked my hood up and slapped her back together and with a watcon seal my bay is surprisingly dry so I don’t think you’ll have an issue!
I am sure someone would let you crash on their site, bring a tent.


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I am sure someone would let you crash on their site, bring a tent.
I leave for a week trip tomorrow with the ski, if it stays in one piece I would be game. If not I could crash in a hotel… it’s a 10 hour drive for me!
Maybe wave daze for me this year
I’m done thread jacking now sorry Fairlane !
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Ordered what I hope to be the last parts to complete this ski. More turf for the rails, rrp 4 degree fat bars and micro drains. Got some time to get it all wetsanded and buffed. Now she's ready for assembly. Still gotta turf the front foothold but will do that when the rest of the turf arrives tomorrow. Got the pole pad done when i finished the turf but never snapped a pic. I know it seems really tall but I should be able to rest the pole on it to relax my back when I feel the need.


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Unfortunately not this time. None of my group is going and there's waves this weekend as well as a free place to stay. I've spent most of the day trying to round up parts to finish this ski such as hoses, random things like that. Started taking the sj apart to discover the intake grate fell off, a pump to hull bolt missing as well as one of the long bolts that holds the pump together gone as well haha. Starting out beautifully.
She's a runner. Water test tomorrow. Was able to get the couch mounts to work by opening up the mounting holes to 1/2 inch to lower the engine down. No shims were needed. Used a manifold for the cooling as the hull has 2 1/2 inch cooling lines. 2 feed the engine, one feeds the pipe and one feeds the stinger with the flow control. Got a waterbox to hull hose from @waxhead and it was the perfect length. Made some brackets to raise the chinpad enough to clear the blowsion ovp steering. Kicking into the footholds feels like kicking into some pillows. Definitely not as easy to put together as the superjet. Engine appears to be set back a little more which made the waterlines and ebox more difficult to fit. I've got 1/4 inch gap between the headpipe and ebox. I got the manifold and some quick disconnects from mcmaster to make installation a little easier. I'll get some thrust disconnects with restrictors for the pissers soon so i can fine tune the water comtrol. Will have to get another intake grate as well. I noticed I lost my old one on the sj when i started disassembling it.


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Also put the Ski on a bathroom scale before assembly with the hood, turf, pole and bracket and it came in at 117lbs. Still pretty light in my opinion. Certainly didn't feel that heavy when I pick it up. I wish I would've weighed it before all the glass work just to see how much weight I added.


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thanks darin...noswad!
It's running a lpw ported, 62t 735, dual 44s, zeel, kavinci 148 5mm setback mag pump with 7/14 skat that I was running in my superjet. Should feel a bit more punch in the much lighter freak.
I ran basically the same motor with enhancer and 144 mag pump for years prior to the 964, now it’s a monster by comparison with the TPE, 148 torrent, zeel TL, novi 48’s. Who’s front foothold?


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Yeah I eventually want to get a tpe 964, beautiful setup you have there! Is that the ss or limited tnt chamber? I believe it's a pancake Pete front foothold but not sure. It definitely looks like one. It came with the Ski thankfully. I added 1 inch of padding to the very front so it grabs more of my foot instead of just basically my toes.
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