Stacyc escooter for kids

It's an electric assisted strider. It has three modes for speed, and a non assist mode. Our trails and area we live is pretty hilly. So not only to help with that, but they advertise it to help transition into a dirt bike a little sooner too... I saw them while watching supercross and was intigued.

Big Kahuna

Tuscaloosa, AL
I think I saw a commercial or something. That could be cool. We never did any kind of electric vehicle toys. Big wheel, green machine, strider (which was her first of any kind!).
The problem with them is the kids grow out of them so fast. The striders are awesome and we have been passing my son's around to all our friends because they don't wear out. Training wheels are horrible and the striders are so much better for a pre-bike. I never got into the electric stuff for my son since I wanted him to actually get exercise and build muscles for when he could ride a bike.


Alta Loma, CA
Has anyone bought their little one a stacyc e strider for their kids? I am hesitant to spend all the money on one if they suck, or the kids don't really use them.

My little one is getting close to being big enough. One thing I've noticed is that the used market is pretty strong for these type things. Probably could expect to get most of your money back.
That's what I want him to use it for. More of training for the 50 that's been passed around. Learn throttle control. But also have a strider to learn the balance and pre bike. And they just look fun...


My friends son has one...he rips it. Would be better if it had actual's fast enough even on the slow mode that if they can't balance yet they prob shouldn't be riding it
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