Speedy Sprocket Flywheel Lightening


Self Titled Friendly Guy
Thank you Alex for the professional service.

I sent three FW’s to Alex, and he turned them around, back into my hands in about one week from my shipping day.

Two 62T and one Kawi 1100. Two were NOS from off the shelf!

Thanks, Alex!


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Self Titled Friendly Guy
Two of the 62T were drilled for an added cost.

All in all it cost me $280.00 back to my doorstep.

I had this service done ten years back without the drilling. It was hands down the best modification for under $100.

I didn’t even think twice. I gathered all the flywheels I had for current builds and just sent them away to Alex…..

….and you should too!

(Nope, I don’t know Alex from a hole in the wall. I just know that I’m totally stoked for the hear to be installed!)
Alex does great work. I've had I'm do a 64x flywheel for me, quality of machining was excellent. I sent it to him right before wavedaze and picked it up from him at wavedaze. Got to meet him, very solid dude. And he can also send that Polaris powered krash to the moon haha. He is one of the guys in the industry that still rides skis too which I personally like.
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