Washington state Titled as homebuilt vessel. Registered till June 2023. 100% legal to ride. 13 hours on the build, looking to get into a 2022 Krash footrocket. Never seen saltwater.

Text is best. 4258293747

Dasa 850cc power valve motor
dasa billet intake
V force reeds
Carb adapter
SBN 46mm carbs
Blowsion tornado filter
Mikuni adjusting t screws
Mikuni carb coupler
Cold fusion fuel tank
Skat 155mm 12 vane pump prop drive shaft
thrust trim 800
Md enhancer
MSD coil
MSD plug wires
Factory B Pipe
OEM fuel tank strap
Carb Primer
Blowsion throttle cable drum
RPP pole
blowsion billet steering
Blowsion bars
ODI grips
ninja chin pad
Cold fusion hood hooks
Blowsion throttle
blowsion billet flywheel cover
blowsion billet hood latch
blowsion billet bilge switch
Bilge pump
Battery box
light weight lithium battery
Rom tach and hr meter on motor4541F8DD-5E8B-485B-9CE2-179C6294B6D0.jpeg


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