SOLD - TC Built Carbon Rickter Edge Dasa 1000 - BRAND NEW

Ski has less than 2 hours on it.
Just no time to ride and nobody to ride with.

I paid close to $30k, still have the TC Freeride crate to ship!
Asking $26,000

Titled in PA as a Rickter Edge

TC built Full Carbon Rickter Edge
RRP NINJA air scoop (Taylor accidentally thought my hood was Gomez's and added it!!!)
RRP NINJA footholds
DASA 1000
DASA intake manifold
Jetinetics flywheel
MSD Enhancer
OEM 46
B pipe / RRP waterbox
RRP battery holder
RRP CBX NINJA Carbon handlepole (Lightweight lower, Carbon upper, Textreme poles)
RRP NINJA neon carbon chin pad
RRP steering
RRP bars, grips, and levers
RRP 155 Trim
OEM 155 pump
RRP hood latch
2 Watt holes (1 primer, 1 bilge)
Thrust tow/tie down hook
Cold Fusion tank

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IMG_3078.jpg IMG_3080.jpg


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I'm just glad it's actually finally going to be ridden! LOL
Just make sure he cleans those carbs out real good and changes the fuel filters, she's definitely been sitting for a while and when I drained the gas it was definitely old.
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