SOLD 3 new Inverse hulls for sale


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West Michigan
All sold. PM me if youre interested in buying one. I have more stuff brewing.... stay tuned.

I have 3 brand spankin' new hulls for sale that i built. More Detailed information can be found here:

All hulls have a michigan titles and are ready to be built. I can help with crating and shipping.

2 are black carbon 2x2
1 is purple mirage top deck & hood with a black carbon bottom (absolutely beautiful).

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For what it's worth, I am impressed. It's pretty common for people to come on here and hype up what they PLAN to do "I'm going to do all this cool stuff coming soon!", then you never see anything again.

Much more impressive to show up with hulls BUILT, already done and in existence.

Wish you the best of luck they look very nice.
West MI
I am sooooo overdue! I have reached out to a few on here with no replies. I am close to Michigan and these are new not used!

My hull is beat looking but still solid!
You should come here to kick the tires on one and ride with the whole crew around Muskegon. I’ll buy beer (not infinite beer, but “some” beer ;) ).
West MI
Freshwater Lakes everywhere. Lake Michigan is the scariest Body of Water I've ever seen.

With confused Chop coming from every direction, and Logs and Railroad Ties launching from the Lake Bottom like ICBM's!

Depends on the day, a lot. And the location, honestly. It's like most things... some good days, some bad days. The public beach in Muskegon is where most people around here have ended up riding (to my knowledge); that's the only reason I say that. Port Sheldon used to be a great spot to start, but last year and I believe this year there's a LOOONG no wake ride to get to the big lake. Thus: Muskegon. That and @tobyfred is too lazy to go anywhere other than Muskegon :p
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