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Beware of purchasing from or dealing with Austin Farr, AKA @SexPanther on here. Dumbass username for a dumbass person. I should have known. Had a poor experience in dealing with him and here’s what went down:

I’ve been casually looking for a clean midshaft for a future build and noticed he had a decent looking OEM one out of a ’17 SJ for sale. It looked fairly clean and being that it was out of a fairly new SJ I figured it had to be in pretty good shape still. We settled on the price of $275 which is what I would consider a fair price for a clean used OEM midshaft. Not a steal, but not a total rip-off either. Essentially, I was willing to pay a little more to get what I thought was a good part.

Box shows up at my door a few days later and upon initial inspection I quickly see that one of the dowel pins has been sheared off and there were multiple (poor) attempts at removing it. Not sure how someone even gets to this point with a dowel pin, but this idiot managed to do just that. So then I send him a WTH message saying this was never disclosed and I purchased the part under the assumption that there were no major flaws with it. Of course, he’s now choosing to act like a coward and deal with this issue by ghosting me and not responding to any of my messages. I simply want him to buy back his damaged part or at least reimburse me to a price point that would be reasonable for an OEM part with this level of flaw to it. Can it be fixed by someone more competent than him? Sure. Do I want to deal with that given the price I paid? Nope.

Case and point, please be open and honest with the quality of part you’re trying to sell and price it accordingly. Call a spade a spade and if something isn’t perfect own up to what you really got. Don’t think someone won’t notice or care and then when they do don’t respond to the problem by ignoring it. Shame on him for not disclosing something as critical as that on a part like a midshaft and shame on me for not inquiring further on the part before deciding to purchase. Lesson learned I guess…


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