Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX

RMBC Freeride

Pueblo, CO
@SUPERJET-113 So around the end of SX, they drop your worst 2 rounds... so technically, you ended up not missing anything! And you did well, obviously!!! That's why you shot up in points at the end. Nice work. Looking forward to next season

Bummed about my grand prize being sold already... :(


Did you guys see Dean Wilsons new video? I'm subbed to his youtube channel and when he took that foot peg in the ass cheek in
St. Louis it was so brutal. Well he just posted up a video all about it. He shows the wound and man its ridiculously gross! One inch over and that foot peg would gone up his arse! The name of the vid is I TORE MYSELF A NEW HOLE hahahaaaa
Yeah sorry fellas,...Rickter is sold. It's going back to Cali.
Congrats RMBC,.. you definitely dominated this whole season.
Next season be here before we know it, I'm looking forward to it!
Thats awesome man. Wasnt aware of Dungeys comeback,...1 race only Im guessing???
Same with Cairoli,.... how many US races is he here for? Whole season?
Been swamped with work and havent had the time to keep up with the news!!!
Have a blast and post some pics if ya can
HAHA I didn't even realize you said it like that! I knew Cairoli was Italian but when out mentioned Herlings I figured that's who you were talking about
Either way,...can't wait
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