2020 full carbon fiber rickter xfu (xfs clone) built by ski bum
Ive owned the ski for 3 years and am sad to be selling it. Ski has been nothing less than great. Rides like a dream, very smooth powerband, super light, strong, and will flip. Ive gone through this entire ski bolt by bolt and did not half-ass anything and it shows. I always took care of every single part on the ski, no matter how small since I knew if I didnt it would come back to bite me in the ass. Ive always ran 93 oct with 40:1 ratio, nothing less. Recently repainted the bottom deck of the ski since I took out the blowsion destroyer sponsons which constantly gave me trouble - been great since. Ski was garage kept all winter and winterized properly. During the summer, it lived under the cover on the lift - canopy and blowsion cover. Will sell with/without motor. More pictures to come, currently at college. Call 248-221-99five9, if no answer leave a voicemail or text. Selling to upgrade. Open to trades. Price $14500

Built in 2017
Blue tinted carbon fiber hull
Metallic purple exterior
Watercross of Texas dual scoop intake grate
MSD ignition enhancer
Factory b pipe with ceramic coated expansion chamber
Yamaha 64x/62t 0.25mm bore
Full bottom end porting
Krash 148 12 vane setback pump
Skat Trak 11/17 prop
701 industries trim
Blowsion girdled head
38cc domes (180lbs compression)
ATP waterbox
Cold Fusion fuel tank
OCD coils with MSD boots
AMF pole with carbon fiber chin pad
ADA steering
Odi grips
Thrust trim and throttle lever
OEM 44mm carbs
Aftermarket reeds
350 gph bilge pump
OCD Solutions BP switch
New pre-08 SJ steering cable
RRP footholds
PFM lightened flywheel
Carbon fiber ride plate
Pro x pistons
Newly rebuilt motor
Couch mounts
Newly painted bottom deck
45 degree Hot Products pisser bypass fittings
Blue BP bypass fittings
New Raddudes exhaust tube
New Midshaft
New coupler
New pre-08 SJ driveshaft
Blowsion scupper valve

Lightweight lithium battery and jet ski cover not included
No HIN/VIN tag
Title says 2020 rickter


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Here’s some more pics


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